Friday, September 27, 2013


On a cold and rainy evening at the end of september it isn´t easy to retrieve the colors, scents and moments of a summer journey you returned from just seven weeks ago. The last sip of french red wine has been savored a couple of days ago and while I´m writing this post and looking at the pictures, a Caramel au beurre salé is slowly melting in my mouth. All of a sudden bright memories come up to me and dance to the vibrant sound of a jug band.

On the road for two month. Our camper van dandled us hundreds of miles through France with all its beautiful landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine and cordial inhabitants.

My mind is refreshed and filled with inspiration. Back in Berlin since almost eight weeks now, I´m working assiduously on the reopening of my shop. In the next days I´m gonna write about the last weeks, I´m gonna present you the new logo design and the new packaging of golden spleen and I´m gonna show you my studio makeover. 

And hopefully I´m ready to reopen my shop in the next two weeks. Watch out: there will be some beautiful new jewelry pieces in my shop!

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