Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It flows! As I wrote you before, I´m working really hard on the reopening of my shops as well as on building up stocks for the upcoming hello handmade market in Hamburg and the christmas season. But at least I would like to give you a brief glance at my work. At present I´m sanding the porcelain items. But that´s the last step before the final firing. So let´s get back to the first steps of the manufacturing process...

For my porcelain jewelry I use a liquid mass called "mount blanc". I appreciate it´s bright white tone, which underlines the pure and graphic character of my jewelry pieces.

Manufacturing the jewelry pieces begins with mixing the liquid thoroughly to combine the water on top and the paste, which is deposited at the bottom, to a homogenous mass. Then I am pouring it evenly on a thick plaster board. The plaster extracts water from the porcelain mass which is important for the drying process. The photo on the right shows me pouring out blue colored porcelain mass.

After a while the porcelain has dried to a state called "leather-hard". Now it´s the perfect moment to work on the porcelain plate. Using various tools I´m cutting out forms, imprinting design, carving out structures and drilling holes. Porcelain is a very delicate material. It has a "memory". If you cause a dent you can try to correct it. Sometimes you´re lucky but sometimes the dent stays invisible until the final firing gets it back to the surface.

The jewellry pieces need a couple of days to dry. During the drying process I flip it from time to time to prevent the small pieces from arching. When the porcelain is dried it looks exactly like chalk and it´s as fragile as it. Into the kiln for the first firing at about 900 to 1000° C respectively 1650°F to 1832°F

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